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Mix 12 - Flat back Pearl Rhinestone 30 Grams

Mix 12 - Flat back Pearl Rhinestone 30 Grams

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Introducing our exquisite flat back pearl and rhinestone mixtures, meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance and charm to your creations. With years of dedicated practice and deep expertise in this artistry, I've curated this line with utmost care and passion, ensuring each piece radiates beauty and sophistication.

Each mixture is thoughtfully designed to offer a harmonious blend of pearls and rhinestones, allowing you to embellish your products with finesse and flair. Whether adorning wedding dresses, accessories, or home decor items, these intricately crafted mixtures elevate any project to new heights of glamour.

Indulge in the versatility of our collections, from classic and timeless combinations to bold and contemporary designs, there's something to suit every style and aesthetic. Elevate your creations with our flatback pearl and rhinestone mixtures and let your creativity shine.

Due to the nature of this item there is not specific size and quantity you get of each stone. You will receive a mix that is like the above picture

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