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Desert Boho - Bling Your Own Tumbler

Desert Boho - Bling Your Own Tumbler

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This Desert Boho is like the one in the picture! This is such a fun and exciting project for any level of rhinestone artist! If you enjoy the occasional diamond art - this is for you! If you love to bling all the tumbler - this is for you! Perfect for any skill level! Your tumbler will come pre marked with a guided design! 

So what’s included? 
Well we provide you with a tumbler that has a design to teach you how to bling. Consider it a bling by color road map. Including a life and straw

Rhinestones - Merlot, Flamingo, Blush, Honey, Icy, raspberry 

We include a wax pen and all required 5mm stones for this project. You DO NOT need to purchase your stones separately 

Please allow up to two weeks for your order to ship  

We do not accept cancellation or returns on this item  

What’s not included?

A finished bling tumbler! This is a DIY baby! Do it yourself! 
We DO NOT include any glue but we recommend Liquid Fusion or Krystal Glaze but feel free to use your favorite. 

PLEASE make sure you use a glue suitable for this project. You can ensure that by reading the bottle to make sure is works with the materials you have.  

We hope you love this project and look forward to creating more designs! 

if you have any questions contact us at

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